PROMATIS Best Practice for the Oracle E-Business Suite

The PROMATIS Best Practice products are functional enhancements for the adoption of the Oracle applications. They were developed directly in practice for practice and can be installed with no risk, resulting in you being able to use your Oracle Applications sooner and with more sustainability. The Best Practice products are available on-premise for the Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS). We offer the products with a support contract that includes hotlines service and regular release updates, to ensure your system is kept current.

The EBS Best Practice products can be classified as follows:

  • Reports
    Best Practice reports supplement the Oracle standard reports with various output formats (MS Excel, PDF, etc.) and offer sector-specific output documents, such as business evaluations according to German jurisdictions (if required).
  • Screens
    Best Practice screens provide convenient access to the PROMATIS reports from the adapted standard screens and expand the E-Business Suite with industry specific functionalities.
  • Tools
    The Best Practice tools range from adjustments in the workflow to standalone applications that significantly increase productivity in the E-Business Suite experience. In some cases, we also include third-party products from our partners.

EBS Best Practice products are available in the following Areas:

  • Best Practice for Finance and Accounting
    The manufacturer Oracle offers a Austrian localization for the Oracle E-Business Suite. This ensures that the Oracle E-Business Suite can be used in accordance with the principles of proper management and retention of books, records and documents in electronic form, as well as for data access (GoBD) by the tax authorities. The PROMATIS Best Practice products complement this localization with the goal of improved usability and automation.
  • European Best Practice for Supply Chain Management
    The supply chain management functionality provided by Oracle E-Business Suite – particularly for the preparation of reports and business documents – reveals weaknesses and gaps, especially when used in the European Economic Area. This is where the Best Practice products for SCM come into play. They can quickly and easily be customized.