Social Learning: Organizational Learning in the Digital Economy

On the way to a digital economy, cross-company digital value chains emerge in which people, machines, and objects are networked on the basis of the Internet of Things. Future-oriented companies are called upon to prepare their staff for the revolutionary changes and to take them along with them on their way into a digital economy. An effective organizational change management is required, with modern learning elements for the needs-based staff qualification. Horus Social Learning Lab provides a cloud-based collaborative learning environment tailored for organizational learning in highly distributed business communities.

Horus Social Learning Lab: Organizational learning in social learning networks

Horus Social Learning Lab addresses the diversity of learning groups in distributed business communities with the concept of asynchronous learning, which must be possible at all times, from anywhere in the world. In a cloud-based Horus Private Community, a virtual learning room is available, where community members consume learning content as needed, they network socially in learning groups, and collaboratively develop learning content in the group, which in turn is provided to the entire community. The goal is that the active members of the business community can understand the organizational structures and processes at any time and use them efficiently. For this purpose, all common forms of organizational learning are supported.

The learning platform makes its functionalities available through the Horus Community Portal, where social communication takes place and learning activities are coordinated. In addition to components for visualization, simulation, documentation, and publication of the models, an easy-to-use tool for the agile creation of the models is also available. Gamification components promote the students’ intrinsic motivation. The learning content is managed in the Content Repository, where you can work with different versions and variants. External training modules and learning management systems are integrated via web service interfaces.

PROMATIS: Solution Partner for Social Learning

For Horus Social Learning Labs, PROMATIS offers a complete range of services that are available in the form of training, consulting, and as tailored solutions:

  • Horus Social Learning Lab Introduction
    Configuring a cloud-based Horus Private Community as a Learning Community. Webinar for a short introduction for community members. Role-specific training, online or on-site.
  • Dedicated roles in the community
    The Horus Method defines specific roles that can be taken over by PROMATIS consultants, either initially or over a defined period of time: Community moderation, quality management for learning content, leading learning groups, expert support as needed (“Expert On-Demand”).
  • Content creation
    Creating learning content and planning learning units. Application and customer-specific adaptation of the included Best Practice learning templates.