Using Data from the Internet of Things in Oracle Enterprise Applications

The Internet of Things (IoT) provides machine-generated data from cyber-physical systems and sensor data in enterprise applications and big data analytics systems. They provide more knowledge in decision processes and forecasts (predictive analytics) and enable new forms of process control. Oracle delivers powerful IoT applications in the public cloud, which communicate in real time through out-of-the-box integrations with Oracle Cloud Applications, but also with Oracle on-premise applications (Oracle E-Business Suite, JD Edwards) or third-party applications.

PROMATIS has the expertise to implement and integrate the following Oracle IoT Cloud Applications:

  • IoT Asset Monitoring Cloud
    Real-time monitoring of asset health enables predictive maintenance, optimized logistics processes and, subsequently, better customer experiences.
  • IoT Production Monitoring Cloud
    Industry 4.0 at its finest: Best-in-class production monitoring for factories, machines, and products.
  • IoT Fleet Monitoring Cloud
    Fleet forecasts for vehicle inspections make it possible to optimize logistics processes and avoid downtimes.
  • IoT Connected Worker Cloud
    Ensuring health and safety and regulatory compliance by providing real-time visibility into the health and working environment of employees.
  • IoT Service Monitoring Cloud
    Enhanced customer service experiences through proactive customer service and better-informed service staff in the contact center and field service.