Oracle Solution for the Internet of Things

Benefits and Challenges of Machine-to-Machine Communication

The Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming the main driver for innovation in our economy, society and culture. Intelligent, networked devices are already populating both every day life and business. But smart homes, connected cars or Industry 4.0 are just the tip of the IoT iceberg. Industries, such as transportation, health care, or production / automation are seen as promising application fields. Here, a Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication is the core of a connected, sustainable and mobile future. M2M is the automated exchange of information between devices such as machinery, vehicles or containers, with each other or with a central unit. M2M is such an important enabler and driver of the important future topic “Industry 4.0”, because equipment and IT systems can communicate and share information in real time and automatically plan the next steps. This means for example that:

  • tasks are redirected automatically, depending on demands,
  • bottlenecks and unused capacity are identified,
  • machines can be preventively serviced.

These are all factors that can lead to significant cost reductions while maintaining customer satisfaction, provided that the M2M communication is implemented correctly. However, the complexity of the M2M value chain can be a challenge that relates to a wide range of stakeholders, such as semiconductor, instrumentation and gateway manufacturers, network providers, telecommunications operators, independent software vendors, system integrators, and many more.

Currently, especially customized and non-standard solutions are realized. By following the complexity of the respective value chain significant costs can be saved by achieving scaling effects. It is important that the following requirements are met:

  • meaningful reduction of complexity,
  • ensuring sufficient information exchange,
  • compliance with the law (e.g. privacy policy),
  • other individual challenges depending on the industry, company structure etc.

The market leader Oracle offers with its enterprise applications interesting solutions to these challenges for the future. They control the entire value chain that extends from procurement through production to delivery to the customer. Particularly the Oracle technology products (Oracle Java Embedded) point in the right direction for the Internet of Things and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications and Big Data.

Managing the complexity – Internet of Things platform

The Solution
Oracle offers a complete M2M architecture. From the Java platform to embedded data management systems to the back-end database, from Big Data technologies, middleware and analysis technologies to highly efficient hardware, which processes data into findings and insights, Oracle is the only company that offers an integrated, reliable and secure platform today and with a guaranteed future, thus meets the requirements regarding the IoT and M2M.

The Oracle Internet of Things platform meets the following critical requirements:

  • seamless security,
  • support for the integration of IT systems,
  • coordination of partners in the value chain,
  • consideration of cost-benefit constraints and on-time delivery,
  • full compatibility and management solution over the entire life cycle,
  • real time response to millions of device endpoints.

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