Human resources in the digital balancing act: digitalization or digital detox?

Author: Marion Jörg

If you believe the various predictions made last year, then digitalization affects the job market and its parties like nothing else. Without a doubt, digital disruption is going to contribute to massive changes and revolutions in the years to come, and the fact that HR plays a key role in digital transformation is indisputable. On several HR events last year, I noticed a clear appeal to pursue the issue digitalization and act as a driver in the transformation process. Due to the steadily increasing digitalization of HR processes, the human resources department is in the midst of a chance.

But can human resources departments really cope with the challenges for human resources management 4.0?

Topical HR management requires modern tools. Cloud services for human capital management unite advanced technologies with highly integrated best practice functionality. Oracle solutions – such as HCM Cloud and Taleo – are the core of PROMATIS Cloud Services. The solution modules are available as public, private or hybrid clouds, or on premise.

How do I take the right employee to the right place in the right time?

The Oracle HCM Cloud provides you with a global HR management system for handling and configuring personnel processes of different complexity – company-specifically. Combined with various self-service functionalities, the complete employment cycle of an employee is being supported. Due to a highly intuitive operation, the user can concentrate on what is really important.

The digitalization of processes is important and supports employers in many aspects – even in recruiting.

An extensive, cloud-based talent management platform of the industry, Taleo Cloud Services offers the automation of recruiting processes involving individual career sites and external career portals as well as social recruitment: using employee referrals and social networks to gain big talents. This way, sustainable employer branding combined with an extensive reach becomes as easy as child’s play. A certain degree of digital detox – meaning to consciously forego binary influence this year– is going to play an important role yet again. Identifying a useful application of automatized processes and simultaneously taking the individual touch of hiring, binding and motivating employees into account will particularly concern HR decision-makers. PROMATIS will gladly help you master the balancing act!

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