Digital Transformation at Carglass®

Stone chips in windshields are annoying and always happen at the wrong time. In situations like these it is great to have a fast and reliable partner at your side: The free stone chip repair by Carglass® takes only 30 minutes, and if necessary, the windshield can usually be replaced within the same day! At Carglass®, even the settlement with the relevant insurance is part of their customer service. But it doesn’t end here! If there is no local service center around, the mobile auto glass service comes to the customer. As the market leader among automotive glass specialists, Carglass® has more than 1 million customer contacts with the aim to make the “customer journey” as time efficient and pleasant as possible. However, what presents itself to the customer ostensibly as an extremely smooth process, poses a variety of complex business processes in the background that have to be mastered.

At Carglass®, the digital transformation has opened new potential to optimize existing processes, service quality and economic viability. The challenge for decision-makers in IT in this context is complex: An increasing number of new devices and applications have to be managed, an increasing number of real-time requirements have to be handled, ever greater data packages have to be integrated and used sensibly in operations.

For Carglass® this means having to deal with future markets as well as changing living and working worlds on a strategic level and therefore to carry out a transformation to digital business models. Since April 2015, with Bernhard Speyer as Director Digital & IT and member of the board at Carglass®, internal processes and procedures have been digitalized, and to a large extent also digital based services for Carglass® customers facing communication and interaction were developed further. Speyer is an expert in user-centered and operational process and IT architecture design as well as in “Cross-Channel User Journeys”. The anchorage between him and the digital transformation is thus remarkable and pioneering.

Carglass® needed a partner at their side who understands the processes and masters the technologies needed for this fulfillment. They decided to work with PROMATIS, the right partner for the digital transformation at Carglass®! Because as a technology and innovation leader, who has linked innovation management to a large extent to the research partnership with the Institute AIFB at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and the Karlsruhe FZI, PROMATIS brings along complex process reasoning. At the same time, PROMATIS stands for the synergistic interaction of business processes and modern Oracle® technologies for process optimization.
So now, at Carglass®, both the communication processes as well as logistics processes run through a unified electronic platform (Oracle service-oriented Architecture), which results in a high level of automation effects. Internal processes (Oracle E-Business Suite, iProcurement, Branch Applications) have been further improved as well, and the user workplace at Carglass® has been unified through a web platform that provides the user with applications and documents as needed.

From the goal-oriented cooperation with Carglass®, a successful team has been formed in the course of the project with the aim to shape the change to digital transformation at the forefront. This innovation does not only offer benefits to the customer; it is the most important key to the company’s success. In fact, digital transformation opens the door for a new form of dialog with customers, creating innovative brand worlds, merging the online world with the offline world.