Workshop on Cross-organizational and Cross-company BPM

July 13-16, 2015, Lisbon, Portugal

17th IEEE Conference on Business Informatics

Value creation by internetworking organizations has become a standard in today’s business. As a consequence collaborative design and execution of business processes not only within organizations but also across their borders gain more and more attention. Next generation Business Process Management (BPM) must provide means for stakeholders from different organizations to jointly analyse, design, validate, implement, execute, monitor and optimize border-crossing processes.

Terms and approaches like Social, Stakeholder-driven and Communication-oriented BPM give evidence for the growing effort in research and business to address these aspects. Beside special Social BPM concepts and solutions like recommender systems there are more comprehensive approaches. Examples are Horus, providing a holistic architecture and software tool environment for stakeholder involvement, and Subject-oriented BPM, offering an innovative overall methodology and tool support, per se fostering social interaction and participation in all BPM activities.

The workshop picks up the whole variety of those concepts and encourages contributors to present their related work…

Don’t miss the

  • Workshop on Cross-organizational and Cross-company BPM (XOC-BPM)

and the

  • Horus Social BPM Lab

on Monday, July 13th 2015!

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